Ch. Regal Hitech Picasso of Darvick, CDX, RN, SOM "Pablo"
AKC: WS05062602      Sex: Male       Color: Fawn       DOB: 07/13/2003
Owners: Korinne Vanderpool & Darlene Vickers     Breeders: Darlene Vickers & Korinne Vanderpool & Tina Truesdale

Frozen Semen Available
SAS clear
Holtered at 1 year, 2 years & 3 years
OFA Hips: Good

American Boxer Club - Stud Dog
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New Champion
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Ch. Hi-Tech Johnny J of Boxerton, SOM, LOM

Ch. Hi-Tech's Aristocrat, SOM, LOM

Ch. Hi-Tech's Arbitrage, SOM, LOM

Am/Can. Ch. Fiero's Tally-Ho Tailo, SOM, LOM

Ch. Boxerton HollyHock, DOM

Ch. Wood's End Chas'N Rainbows

Ch. Keil's Dynasty, SOM, LOM

Ch. Wood's End Whisper, DOM

Ch. Boxerton Crown Imperial, DOM

Ch.. Hi-Tech's Arbitrage, SOM, LOM

Am/Can. Ch. Fiero's Tally-Ho Tailo, SOM, LOM

Ch. Boxerton HollyHock, DOM

Boxerton GayFeather

Ch. Wagner Wilverday Famous Amos, SOM, LOM

Boxerton Empress Tree

Ch. Darvick's Dreams Never Cease, DOM

Ch. HiMaster's Regal Fire Lord, CD, RN

Am/Can. Ch. Bayview Strides Ahead, SOM, LOM

Ch. Bridgewood's BK Kahuna, Am/Can SOM, Am/Can LOM

Ch. Glenroe Tequila Sunrise, DOM

Ch. High Crest's Chances Are

Ch. Rosend's Corporate Raider, SOM

High Crest's Amazing Grace

Ch. Southgate's Dream A Lil Dream

Ch. Southgate's Judgement Day AX, AXJ, CD

Ch. Southgate's Hi-Tone

Southgate's Walk On Faith

Southgate's Anne' Oakley
(3 finished Champions)

Ch. Druid's Stones O'Burke

Tall Oak's Calamity Jane


02/28/0404 -- Faith City Kennel Club, under judge Betty Regina Leininger, WD.

02/29/2004 -- Faith City Kennel Club, under judge Nelson R Huber, BOW, WD.

08/12/2004 -- Manhattan KS KC, under judge Virginia L Lyne, WD.

08/22/2004 -- Heart of American KC, under judge Bernard Schwartz, BOW, WD.

08/30/2004 -- Vicksburg KC of MS, under judge Jon Cole, BOW, WD.

10/29/2004 -- Boxer Club Of Louisiana, under judge Jane Ropollo, BOW, WD.

12/02/2004 -- Northlake K C of Greater Covington , LA, Inc, under judge Chris Walkowicz, WD.

12/03/2004 -- Pearl River Kennel Club, under judge Patricia Mullen, WD. NEW CHAMPION!


Ch. Regal's Hearts Afire, DOM "Lily"
Ch. Regal's Hereee's Johnny, UD, OM-1, RN "Carson"
Ch. Regal's Ten Acious Flame "Maggie"
Ch. Regal's Rot Ten Miss Van Pelt "Lucy"
Ch. Regal's Full Of Ten Der Grace "Ninya"
Ch. Regal's Noble Con Ten Der "Hudson"
Regal's Pre Ten Sious Maxlan "Maddie"
Regal's Leading Light Of Ten "Blazer"

Ch. Regal's Xtian Heart of Gold, DOM "Lola"
Ch. Regal's Best Kept Secret "Abby"
Ch. Faithful Regal Secret Of Life "Zoey"
Ch. Regal's Big Secret At Xtian "Mr Big"
Ch. Andreas Regal Secret Jack Of Hearts "Jackie"
Regal's Secret Garden "Ivy"
Ch. Kelly's Copy My Style Shalsade
Shalsade's Golden Legacy "Lacey"

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