Ch. Denbar's Millenial Dream Warrior "Turbo"
AKC: WP94485002      Sex: Male       Color: Fawn       DOB: 07/21/1999
Owners: Darlene Vickers & Annette Clark     Breeder: Brennan G Bates

Turbo has always been known as our "miracle boy". Annette Clark sent him to our home when he was 4 months old. After a six hour flight that turned into a ten hour flight, he rushed out of his crate, flew into our arms and acted as if he knew he was home.

At eight months old, Turbo won best puppy at Dallas Boxer Sweeps, and the next day won a four point major and BOW. When we returned from the shows, Turbo had a cough. I assumed it was kennel cough until two days later when his neck started to swell. Our vet sent Turbo to LSU, and, after some tests, Turbo was admitted to LSU's veterinary intensive care unit. They were not sure what they were dealing with and tended to lean toward some type of fast growing cancer. A biopsy was scheduled, and I was told Turbo only had a 50-50 chance of making it through the biopsy.

Turbo made it and was scheduled for surgery the very next day. He had a strange abscess with thousands of little pockets inside. When surgery was done, it was learned that a small stick had punctured his larynx and moved down in his throat. Evidently the stick had an e-coli bacteria on it that caused all kinds of problems. Turbo's throat was left open for a week. He also had a drain tube. Another surgery was then performed to close up the original incision, and Turbo was allowed to finally come home. We weren't sure he would ever be able to show again.

After three weeks, Turbo was given a clean bill of health, and we entered him in some small shows. Turbo came back home with two points and never looked back. Six months after Turbo won his first major and returned home so sick, he was once again being shown at the Dallas Boxer Club Specialty. He finished by going WD and BOW at the age of 14 months old.

SAS: Clear 12/2/2000
Holtered: 12/2/2000 0 vpc's
OFA Heart: BX-CA00283/12M/C

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